Happy Tummies Moms

The majority of families involved in the Happy Tummies ministry are non-believers. Once-a-month we meet with the HAPPY TUMMIES MOMS to give them a "report" on how their children are doing; however, we also use this meeting to share with them the Good News! Through telling about God's love and actually showing them love, we’ve formed bonds with the moms and their families. More than preaching about religion, we show them God’s love through actions and teach about the relationship they can form with Him. We also rotate visiting the moms once-a-month and when visiting them we try to not show up empty handed. To us, it is important to take them a jar of peanut butter, a food staple, shampoo and soap or just any little knick-knack especially for them. We try to visit while the children are in school and the husbands are at work. This gives the moms a feeling of privacy in which they are more open to sharing with us. Once we've had time to talk and listen, we pray with them for their specific situation. With every visit, we try to have ladies from the local church join us so they can invite the moms to church. In turn, this will encourage the moms to attend since they already will know someone. During these visits we’ve had several families come to the Lord. It is overwhelming to see them come to Jesus, laying their worries at His feet.

We try to celebrate special events like Mother's Day, Christmas, and Easter by providing a special meal and a small gift. For example, in the Mother's Day celebration, each mom is given a jar of peanut butter and if possible, a craft especially for them. These are very practical gifts that make the moms feel special. Our hope is that each time they see this craft, they will remember that they are not alone, and that they will feel the love of Christ.

If you come on a team, please plan to make some visits and share your testimony with the HAPPY TUMMIES MOMS. They need to know that even though you are from North America, you have the same problems that they do. Give them your encouraging words, a hug, and a smile. You never know what an important impression you make or how much it means to them that you would come to their little house and share the love of Christ.