Library Information, Tips, & Tricks

The library at Happy Tummies now has 1,792 books. The books are cataloged using LibraryThing. When a book is cataloged, its title and author are entered as well as its location in the library. In addition, each book has a barcode number. Books can be circulated using a system called TinyCat and every Happy Tummies student has a library card with a barcode.

What does this mean for teams and book donations?

  • Anyone can look at the catalog. You can search by title, author, subject, or just a keyword and therefore anyone who wants to donate books can see what the library already has
  • While having multiple copies of the same book is not necessarily a bag thing (and extra copies can be taken to other Happy Tummies sites), if you are purchasing or finding books to donate you can look to see what is already in the library and try to fill in the gaps.

Where can you get books for the library?

  • Library sales - it will be helpful to take off any old library barcodes or spine labels to help with the processing in San Juan. Please make sure the books are in good condition and are relatively new and up-to-date. If a library is getting rid of a book because it is old or the information is no longer valid, the Happy Tummies children don't need it either.
  • Scholastic Warehouse Sales - you can go to this website and see if there are any warehouses in your area and sign up to get notifications on when there are sales. If you live in an area with a Latino population you are more likely to find Spanish books. You also will find newer titles there.

What is needed?

  • Nonfiction is the most needed - books that the students can use for homework and research. Make sure the books are relatively new, especially in the area of science.
  • Fiction books - think about the ages of the HT children
  • Make sure the books are in Spanish bilingual (with Spanish being one of the languages). While the students are learning English, there is not room for a lot of English only books. Please be careful. Julie found French books when doing the cataloging!

Need help?

  • Julie Williams at is a school librarian and can give recommendations of books. She cataloged a majority of the books and has a good idea of what is there. She also has access to LibraryThing and TinyCat.
  • Andrea Mendez at is onsite and knows what books are there and what books are still in storage and not yet cataloged. She has also been trained in using the system. Andrea wears many hats so please be patient.

The Plan

● DONE! Construct and furnish a library building on the Impacto Ministry San Juan property (phase 1)
● NEEDED: Hire a librarian and provide a salary for him/her
● NEEDED: Add concordances, commentaries, various versions of the Bible, Christian videos, and other teaching aids for Pastors, Church leaders and Seminary Students
● NEEDED: Provide more books for elementary, middle school, high school, college, and English as a Second Language (ELS) students
● DONE! Add computers, printers with copy ability, and Internet connectivity
● NEEDED: Establish a way to make a portion of the library mobile so that books can be taken out into the community for more access

Funding Needed

Funding is needed to: purchase books, DVD's, and 2 printers.