Impacto's HELPING HANDS & PHARMACY provides a great outreach opportunity to our community! A doctor comes for 1 full week each month to hold clinics and check the Happy Tummies children and Abuelitos. For now this ministry is centered in San Juan; however, the clinics and churches around the lake are very much aware that if needed, we will get medicines that we have to them. Our small Pharmacy is replenished thanks to donations, mostly from people in the U.S.A. Also, a lot of the medicines are leftovers from the medical teams we host so the Pharmacy is totally free; no one is charged for any of the medicines. This has been a great ministry tool and it is just one more way we are able to serve our Abuelitos, Happy Tummies children and their families. We also donate items to the local free clinics and when they don’t have something, they tell the patients about our pharmacy and many come looking for us. This is great because we are able to connect with other people in the community who we might not come across and it gives us a chance to pray with them for their health. This opens the doors to them sharing other prayer requests and letting us be able to share the Gospel with them! If you come on a mission team, think about bringing some of the following supplies:  

-- Clorox wipes       -- Cough Syrup       -- Ibuprofen
-- Pepto-bismal       -- Bulb Syringes     -- Tylenol
-- Prenatal Vitamins  -- Naproxen          -- Band Aids

-- Aspirin 81 mg      -- Throat Lozenges   -- Excedrin
-- Saline Nose Drops for Babies            -- Tums
-- Arthritis Strength Tylenol                              -- Real Tears (eye drops)
-- Cough Medicine for Children

-- Large Sterilite Storage Containers
-- Small Clear Sterilite Storage Containers
-- Yeast Infection Medicine (metronidazole, clotrimazole)
-- Gastritis Medicine (omeprazole, lansoprazole,

      famotidine, ranitidine)
-- Antiseptic Ointment for cuts/scratches/sores
-- Crutches (adult and children sizes
-- Walkers with a built-in seat