The Promised Land

The Promised Land is being used for many different ministry efforts with the primary goal always being to win souls for the Kingdom, discipleship and training. The property allows for church training seminars, Pastors Congresses and general pastoral/leadership training, medical and dental clinics, a retreat site for churches throughout Guatemala, baptismal services, lodging, meal preparation and eating, team lodging, Zona Cero, and much, much more.

Impacto worked and prayed for many years that God would provide a place for ministry activities. Raising funding was a difficult task but with God's help, the goal was met! We thank each individual and organization that donated to make this possible. Much, much hard work and many, many prayers have made all this possible. We thank God for the way it is being used to bring glory and praise to His Name! Please pray for ongoing support of this project, for the funds and items necessary to continually operate a facility like this. 

We find there are still many items needed for equipping the kitchen. The following is a partial list. If you are coming to Guatemala in the next few months (or your church is sending a team) and can bring any of these items that would be great! Otherwise, if you could consider a donation to purchase one or more of these items it would be a blessing.

Butcher knivesPairing knives
Serrated knives (long & short blades)Knives for spreading
Spatulas (long & short handles)Storage containers
Colanders (large & extra large)Large stock pots
Large roasting pansElectric griddles
Measuring cupsMeasuring spoons
Large frying pans (large electric would be great, too)Coolers for dispensing cold drinks (tea, KoolAid)
Large, heavy duty stand mixerLarge, heavy duty food processor
Large, heavy duty blenderThick pot holders