Stitches of Blessings is our annual sewing ministry. Each January we put together a class of 15-20 ladies from the local churches, Happy Tummies Moms, and non-believers from the community. This gives us a chance to reach those who don't know Jesus yet and also to help those who do to grow in their faith. The non-believers are able to get to know believers from their community whom they can reach out to for prayer, advice, and other things. This is our number one goal, to share more of Christ and to make Him known in the community. Most of the middle-aged women we work with don't have an education beyond the 6th grade level. Their self-esteem is pretty low and they don't have a degree or skilled training to fall back on. Many of them want to help their husbands, or are single moms who want to do more for their kids. Stitches of Blessings meets once, twice, sometimes more, monthly. Each time we meet we have Bible Study, prayer time, and work on a specific sewing project. We try to provide materials (fabric, buttons, ribbon, etc.) as often as we can. Every time they work on a project they make two:  one they get to keep and one goes to the Impacto store. We sell the products and give each lady her profit. We do keep a very small percentage from each sale in order to buy fabric, thread, needles and to repair any machine that breaks. In October, we hold a graduation ceremony to present each woman with their machine and a diploma/certificate stating she successfully passed the course. Each woman attends the ceremony, accompanied by her family and afterwards we serve everyone a meal. It is so overwhelming to see and hear the pride experienced by these women in sharing this joyful time with their families. To see them smile so big, knowing they now have a way of providing for their families, is indescribable. But the best part is watching throughout the year how each woman grows in her walk and faith in the Lord.

We have found that having the same machine for each student makes teaching much easier in many, many ways. If you would like to help by purchasing a machine/machines, please make your contribution to Impacto so that we can arrange to purchase machines. Each machine costs around US$350. Make sure you note Stitches of Blessings on your check or click DONATE tab for options.