Zona Cero [“Ground Zero” in English], is a ministry focused on youth. It is an annual camp held in December when school is out. Zona Cero is a
4-day event in which time is spent playing, eating, holding different workshops for young men and young women, worship time, preaching and devotions, and time of prayer. At the end of camp, teens return home with their cups flowing over and with new friendships made within the family of Christ scattered all over the country. This event is for youth from all denominations! We encourage the teens to bring as many non-believer friends as possible to reach souls for the Kingdom. The youth pay about US$14 each. This does not cover everything but it is affordable for youth. It takes US$85 per youth to hold this event. They get three meals a day, water, and a place to sleep. The youth are a forgotten congregation in the churches so to have them all come together praising and worshipping God, and refilling their souls is often overwhelming.

The church youth are called upon to help organize and host Zona Cero and many of them step forward to be leaders. Representatives from each church’s youth group are sent to help. With Impacto’s Staff guiding and teaching them, they fill in the blanks on many things and encourage the youth from their churches to commit to participating in  Zona Cero. They are taught how to step outside their comfort zones. Commitments are made by many youth, not only in becoming Christians, but in advancing the Kingdom. Excitement and growth in the youth programs has been evident. More youth volunteer each year to be involved in the planning of Zona CeroOne great benefit to the youth of our churches has been that they are beginning to know youth from other churches. Most of the youth from one church have no interaction with youth from other churches because of distance and cost of travel. Our churches do not join together for combined activities. With the youth leaders from all the churches gathering to learn and prepare for the  Zona Cero event, they have become friends. This is something we would really like to see spread into the adult sector of our churches!

We ask for your prayerful support for the Zona Cero ministry event and the year-long planning that it takes. In addition to a band, we seek guest speakers that will be able to reach a youth audience. If you are a youth pastor and have suggestions, ideas, materials, or would like to be considered as a guest speaker, please contact Tony Mendez at tony@impactoministry.comIf you have a heart for youth, please pray for God to provide the leadership with wisdom and to also provide the necessary funding. Your contribution would be a tremendous blessing. Click on the DONATE tab and select your option.