There is a huge need for training. Many local pastors never finished high school. Sometimes they just need to learn the basics, others are ready to go more in depth, either way they don’t have the resources to do so and our trainings might be the only chance they get to learn something new. During our trainings we try to have a little bit of everything, from hearing the Word of God, to prayer time, fellowship, and bonding. For every training session we try to provide resources used by the trainer. A lot of times our speakers are pastors/leaders from the teams that minister alongside us from North America. These training sessions are very important to us because we feel God leading us to help equip the saints.

In July, a team presents a Bible Conference that is such a tremendous blessing for so many people! The pastor has a very deep understanding of the Bible and teaches from his heart. God leads him and everyone attending leaves enriched in many ways.

Servants 4 Him is an organization that provides training to pastors and leaders here in Guatemala. We are very blessed to have a great relationship with them and they come to lead daylong sessions on different Bible books, passages, and related topics. Their trainers are very knowledgeable in the Bible and how to train so the attendees learn more about how to teach, preach and lead.

Youth leader training is another area we strive to provide. There are some very talented youth who are dedicated to working for Christ. If no training is provided, how will they learn and grow? Our staff tries to hold monthly training sessions for youth leaders. If you are a youth leader or youth pastor and could come lead some training sessions, provide resources, and ideas, you would be making a great impression and helping these youth to be able to reach out for the Kingdom.

Impacto has brought in other organizations and special groups to teach leaders and pastors how to set up a Sunday School class for children, lead Bible studies, set up a VBS, and other church programs. One day we hope to have a music class to train interested people how to play a keyboard and other musical instruments. We have many other ideas and dreams of setting up various training programs and we continue to pray for God's wisdom and guidance. Discipleship is something we know is extremely important and a huge part of what we feel we are called to do.