Become an Ambassador

Support our ministry efforts by sharing our story and our ministries with your community as an Impacto Ambassador.

Impacto is focused on bringing salvation and hope to people in Guatemala but we could never do it by ourselves. First of all, we need God’s help, but we also need the help of people like you, people willing to serve, help, and support the most needy.

If you fell in love with our ministry and would like to share our story with the people around you, please consider becoming an Impacto Ambassador. Impacto Ambassadors support our ministry through sharing our story with their community and the people around them. This enables more people to know, support, and come to Guatemala to serve alongside us, all in the effort to share the love and hope of Christ in Guatemala's rural communities.

By joining our Ambassador program, we will provide tools, materials and ideas for you to share our ministry in your community, as well as offer different content so you can start fundraising to financially help our ministry efforts.

Every Effort Counts

We believe one person, each person, can make a huge difference. Sharing is caring! If you are passionate and believe in our ministry projects and ethics, please consider sharing about us with your local community, your church, your workplace, and with your friends and family.

Know more about us

Before you start sharing with the world, how about we get to know each other better? Read more about who we are and what we stand for on our “Who we are" page.