We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 1:3


Impacto’s ministry efforts include COMPASSION MINISTRIES, TRAINING/PASTORAL SUPPORT MINISTRIES, and CONSTRUCTION. We use COMPASSION MINISTRIES to help with physical needs while sharing God's love and desire for them to come to Him. Our TRAINING/PASTORAL SUPPORT MINISTRIES do the same but add teaching for pastors and church leaders. CONSTRUCTION projects are a result of growth and meeting needs. Everything we do provides an opportunity to share the Gospel and win souls for the Kingdom; that is our purpose.


Support our ministries focused on bringing the love and salvation of Christ to the people of Guatemala and serving the community members of all ages holistically. Help our ministries grow.


Compassion ministries are a big part of what we feel called to do. You might be able to tell this from the verse on our logo, “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” Matthew 9:36

We think God has called us to reach the less fortunate. We have different ministries that teach people in the community how to fish instead of just giving them fish for a day. Our compassion ministries have evolved over the years and we know they’ll continue doing so as we learn more and have more resources.

Of course, at the end of the day, our mission and number one desire is to see souls come to Christ, accepting Him as their Lord and Savior. That just adds to why we must show compassion right here and right now. Our COMPASSION MINISTRIES are: Happy Tummies/Abuelitos, Healing Hands, Stitches of Blessings, Library, Emergency Relief, and Christmas Festival.

Happy Tummies

An after-school program for children in vulnerable situations. It provides a nutritious meal, teaches good personal hygiene, has a monthly doctor check-up, provides licensed teachers to help tutor the children, and most of all, we share the Gospel of Jesus and His saving grace.

Stitches of Blessings

An annual 8-to-10-month ministry teaching 15-20 students to sew in order to have an income for their families. Students must complete all projects to graduate and be gifted with the machine they have used. Each session also includes a Bible study, prayer, and sharing.


VBS is held year-round in the lake area and can be in Happy Tummies or churches. Zacapa VBS week in November is a week-long event. Teams lead Bible stories, teach short memory verses, do crafts, play games, sing songs, and can share a meal or nutrition snack.


A ministry for the elderly. A nutritious breakfast is provided, stretching exercises, weaving, gardening, and sharing the love and saving grace of Jesus with these wonderful people who are living the last part of their journey here on earth.

Healing Hands & Pharmacy

Many people come to us for medicine that they cannot afford. Medical teams leave meds they do not use during their week of holding clinics. These meds are given to those who come in need and if we don't have the med needed, we purchase it in Jesus' name.


Our library is on the site with our San Juan Happy Tummies building. It has books and computers with a class on Saturdays. Our Happy Tummies students use it during the week to complete homework. The books are a joy for our students of all ages to read.

Emergency Relief

Some of the things provided through Impacto’s Compassion Ministry’s Emergency Relief are assistance to those who are hungry, sick, and poor.

Christmas Festival

Our annual Christmas Festival is held the first or second week of December. We need teams to come and help us with this very special ministry every year.


TRAINING/PASTORAL SUPPORT, is very important. We know many pastors, leaders, and lay people who are obeying God’s call, even though they’ve had no previous training. Their faith is admirable. We don’t know many who would be willing to take on such huge roles with no training. As our relationship grew with different local churches we began to see the great need for training and resources.

Subsequently, God laid it in our hearts to begin offering training opportunities. We reached out to friends asking if they’d be willing to come and share on different topics where they had training and experience. We’ve been able to offer various trainings for pastors such as, homiletics, how to give pre-marital counseling, dispensation chart, spiritual gifts, and so much more! A few other topics are VBS, Sunday School (for kids, teens, and adults), Bookkeeping, etc.. Our TRAINING/PASTORAL SUPPORT MINISTRIES include: Bible Institute, Bible Conference, Pastors Congress, Zona Cero.

Bible Institute

The Bible Institute started as a monthly training held for pastors and church leaders. Many of them in Guatemala obey the call to preach and/or lead but many of them cannot afford to pay for tuition, room, and board.

Pastors Congress & Bible Conference

Both the Pastors Congress and the Bible Conference are huge blessings to many who are serving God out of obedience but never had the chance to attend college or Seminary.

Zona Cero

Our yearly Youth Camp. We serve around 200 teens who come, bringing a friend, for intensive Bible study, prayer, singing, worship, and fellowship. We've seen many lives turned around and come into the Kingdom.


Construction varies as we grow and meet needs. Our highest priority construction projects right now are completing the new Abuelitos building and a retaining wall around our garden plot.


Construction varies as we grow and meet needs. Our highest priority construction projects right now are completing the new Abuelitos building and a retaining wall around our garden plot.


Your donations encourage and enable us to do more of what we feel God leading us to do. We know that it is through Jesus you are moved to give and support our efforts. We cannot expand programs or reach the children without your support.