Stitches of Blessings

A ministry to teach sewing to around 15-20 students yearly to have an income for their families. Students must complete all projects to graduate and be gifted with the machine they have used all year. Each session also includes a Bible Study & prayer.

Stitches of Blessings is our annual sewing ministry. Most of the women we work with don't have an education beyond the 6th grade level. Their self-esteem is pretty low and they don't have a degree or skill to fall back on. Many of them want to help their husband or are single moms who want to do more for their kids. Stitches of Blessings is a great platform to empower these women and give them not only spiritual support, but also the tools and knowledge needed to grow personally and economically.

We meet on a monthly basis, having Bible studies, prayers, and working on specific sewing projects every time we meet, to give them new ideas and skills. We try to provide sewing materials as often as we can.

When the course is over, we hold a graduation ceremony, and each participant gets to take home the sewing machine they used all year to start working and selling their own sewing projects. It’s amazing to be able to empower and gift these women. The best part, however, is seeing how throughout the year each woman grows in her relationship with Christ.

What can US$35.00 dollars accomplish?

With US$35 a month (US$420 a year), we are able to provide each woman with their own sewing machine plus materials and snacks for the whole year. Please prayerfully consider supporting Stitches of Blessings and joining our efforts in empowering and training women in Guatemala to be self-sufficient.

How it Works

Each January a class of 15-20 ladies from local churches, Happy Tummies Moms, and non-believers from the community are selected to participate. This gives us a chance to reach those who don't know Jesus yet and also to help those who do to grow in their faith. The non-believers are able to get to know believers from their community whom they can reach out to for prayer, advice, and other things. This is our number one goal, for people to know and share the love of Christ.

We meet once, twice, sometimes more, each month. Each time we meet we have Bible Study, prayer time, and work on a specific sewing project. We try to provide students with materials (fabric, buttons, ribbon, etc.) as often as we can.

Towards the end of October, a graduation ceremony is held to present each student with her sewing machine and a diploma/certificate stating they successfully passed the course. Each student attends the ceremony accompanied by her family and afterwards we serve everyone a meal. It is so overwhelming to see and hear the pride experienced by these women in sharing this joyful time with their families. To see them smile so big, knowing they now have a way of providing for their children, is indescribable. The best part, however, is watching throughout the year how each woman grows in her walk and faith in the Lord.

Share your talents & ideas

Other than donations, our Stitches of Blessings ministry seeks guest teachers and trainers that can empower women by sharing useful experience and well thought out sewing projects.

If you have a heart for this ministry, please pray for God to provide the leadership with wisdom to come either with a team or by yourself, and to also provide the necessary funding. Your contribution would be a tremendous blessing. Please see our Get Involved page for more information.

Want to donate supplies?

If you’re interested in donating supplies for Stitches of Blessings, please check our “Prayers & Needs” page to know more about each ministry’s specific need.