Construction projects vary. Our main emphasis this year is to complete the new abuelitos building and a retaining wall around our garden plot.

Our main construction focus is building new facilities for our Abuelitos and training ministries.

Currently, the Abuelitos and the children share a building. Our dream is to move the Abuelitos to their own facility, so that they can stay together all day. They have been asking for this but until we have a separate place for them, Abuelitos will have to continue meeting mornings and be out by the time the children arrive. Another big opportunity with the new site is that once the Abuelitos have their own site, we can open a morning Happy Tummies for some of the children who attend schools that have elementary classes meeting during the afternoons.

Training will be held in a multipurpose building on the site that will be large enough to seat groups of 200+ people so that all attendees of our training programs, conferences, and congresses can be in one location. We know this will be a tremendous help in holding all kinds of training, clinics, conferences, youth camps, etc.

Want to support our construction project financially?

If you would like to support our construction efforts for the new Abuelitos land and multipurpose building, please prayerfully consider supporting financially, and joining in our efforts to reach more souls in Guatemala for God’s Kingdom.

Want to donate supplies?

If you’re interested in donating supplies for our construction project, please check our “Prayers & Needs” page to know more about each ministry’s specific need.