Our library is on the site with our San Juan Happy Tummies building. It has books and computers with a class on Saturdays. Our Happy Tummies students use it during the week to complete homework. The books are a joy for our students of all ages to read.

Our library is located at our San Juan Happy Tummies site. We praise God that our library now has 2,400 books cataloged. Books are cataloged using a program called LibraryThing. Our books receive bar codes and spine labels so the kids can easily find and check out books. Through a system called TinyCat, every child is registered with their own barcode in order to take books in and out of the library.

The library has become a great space for kids to read, work on homework, and do small group activities. The library is equipped with computers, internet access, and printers if needed for educational purposes. Having this space also gave us the opportunity to provide computer classes for the kids. We have hired a teacher to come on Saturday mornings. We split the kids into three age groups and our teacher works with each group for one hour. Our goal is that the children will continue on into middle and high school feeling empowered by having already learned some basic computer skills.

What can US$200.00 accomplish?

Help our library grow by making a donation. US$200 monthly is enough to be able to cover our computer teacher’s monthly salary and the internet fees for the library. Please prayerfully consider if you can become a monthly supporter to help this ministry.

Why a Library?

This library holds a very dear place to our hearts. It brings us joy seeing the children benefit from everything the space has to offer. The community of San Juan La Laguna is where Impacto first started Happy Tummies and Abuelitos ministries. We’ve seen great progress here, but we would like to continue seeing the community grow in education. The people here are smart and creative, but due to various personal and economic factors, they often do not reach their full academic and/or professional potential.

This is a main reason why we request donations of Spanish Bible concordances, Spanish commentaries, Spanish Bibles, Spanish Christian videos and other teaching aids in Spanish. We provide training to pastors and church leaders throughout the year. Some are attending seminary, too. Unfortunately, there is no place in the Lake Atitlán region of Guatemala that provides the books and resources they need. Pastors, church leaders, and seminary students many times do not have the financial means to purchase books in Guatemala City or pay for internet access. Impacto can help fill in the gap by providing these materials. If you have a desire to help provide the resources needed to support these servants of God, please contact us. If you cannot find resources in Spanish, one solution could be for us to purchase them on your behalf in Guatemala City. We know this would have a ripple effect by helping the congregations have a deeper understanding so that they can then share the Word of God with their extended families, neighbors, and community.

At the physical library location itself, the children are our focus. Our Happy Tummies children attend schools with limited resources. Their classroom walls are not lined with baskets full of books. There is a public library but new books rarely come in. Many Guatemalan children do not remain in school long enough to graduate high school. It is typical for parents to pull their children out of school, or the children sometimes decide to drop out themselves, in order to work or care for younger siblings.

We want to provide an environment in which our Happy Tummies children can develop a desire to learn and believe that they can follow their dreams. Through this library we want to advocate for a value of education here in San Juan La Laguna. A library sounds simple, but it can introduce children to new ideas, possibilities, engage their curiosity, and provide for a more well-rounded education. We hope the library helps students achieve academic excellence and become more self-confident. Some may graduate and leave the community in search of new and different opportunities, but many will stay in the community. With a broader and more comprehensive education, they can make the community flourish.

While we hope this library will benefit and empower many people, we pray most importantly that the love of Jesus will shine through everyone involved. Thank you for your consideration to donate toward this ministry.

Tips for teams and donors

Anyone can access our library catalog. Use the link You can search books by title, author, subject, or any key words in order to see what books the library already has.

Multiple Book Copies

Please note that having multiple copies is not a bad thing. Oftentimes friends choose to check out copies of the same book. We can always share books with other HT locations, too. It’s simply a way for donors to see what we already have an abundance of and help fill in the gaps from there.


Donors often find books at library sales as well as Scholastic Warehouse sales. Some donors sign up online to be notified about sales in their areas. Regarding donated library books, it is helpful to take off any old library barcodes or spine labels to help with processing in San Juan. We do ask that donations be in good condition or relatively new and up to date. If a library is getting rid of a book because it is old or the information is no longer valid, the Happy Tummies children do not need it either.


Please make sure books are in Spanish or Spanish bilingual. While some of the kids take English classes in school, their primary language is Spanish and there is not room for many English-only books.



Julie Williams

Julie Williams at [email protected] is a school librarian and can give book recommendations. She has cataloged a majority of our books and helped get the library up and running. She also has access to LibraryThing and TinyCat.

Andrea & Becca

Andrea Mendez ([email protected]) and Becca Gruwell ([email protected]) are onsite and can help answer any questions. They are knowledgeable as to what books we need and have been trained in using the system.

Get Involved With a Team or as an Intern

Are you interested in getting more involved, bringing a team or becoming an intern? Your help and support is always welcome and appreciated. Learn more about our different programs.


Between the most needed content for the library we can include:


(again, please look for books that are in Spanish or Spanish/English bilingual):

● Elementary and middle school level nonfiction books

● Children’s devotionals

● Bilingual Bibles (for ESL)

● Elementary and middle school level fiction, and short chapter books for older kids

Other Needs

(again written or recorded in Spanish):

● Funds to hire a librarian and provide a salary for him/her

● Concordances, commentaries, Spanish Bibles, Christian videos and other teaching aids for Pastors, church leaders, or seminary students

If you’re interested in donating other sorts of supplies for our Library ministry, please check our “Prayers & Needs” page to know more about each ministry’s specific need.