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Come serve with a team for a week to be part of our different ministries. Organize and bring a team, or join an already established one. Join in our efforts to share the love of Christ.


General description

Impacto hosts an average of 40 teams annually. We’ve heard and read many articles about short-term missions. Many even say that short-term missions teams do more harm than good. However, we disagree with this notion, especially here in Guatemala. What we’ve seen through our own ministry programs is that short-term missions teams are a tremendous blessing! Something we see often is that when teams come and share the Gospel through preaching and testimony the locals are able to hear a fresh voice sharing with them and seeds are planted. Our staff is then able to come in and do follow-up and disciple those seeds planted by teams! Even though the culture is different everyone goes through similar trials such as divorce, financial struggle, betrayal, abandonment, sin, and so much more. Sharing about these experiences brings everyone to the realization that we are all humans living with the same problems.

Another great thing is to see the connections made with the children and elderly. Seeing the faces of pure joy when they recognize someone on a team who is returning from another year is very touching. These friendships will last a lifetime, and many of the locals will remember team members for the rest of their lives along with the impact they had on them.

You might also be surprised at how many who come on a team profess Christ as their personal Savior while serving during the week. We see many recommitments and some who even experience God calling them to full-time Christian service. Missions not only reaches locals, it touches the hearts of those who come to serve. Missions is a two-way blessing. Lives are changed through hands-on missions.

Get to know our ministries

If you’re interested in coming to Guatemala to serve with a team, go over our different ministries to know which projects your team would be most interested in doing.

Ready to lead a team?

Impacto seeks to serve the community holistically, by providing for physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs through our ministries, reaching children, community members, and church and youth leaders. We also seek to provide transcultural ministry opportunities by hosting short-term missions teams and internships.

If you’re interested in leading a team for on short-term missions trip, check out our Lead a Team section to know more about ministries you can work in, needs, and requirements for the trip.

Get inspired – testimonies

Would you like to know more about other people’s thoughts about their past experiences in Guatemala? Read some of our past team leaders’ and team members’ testimonies and experiences.

Interested in coming, but have no team to join?

If you’re interested in coming for a week to serve with a team but have no team to join, let us know. We would love to connect you with one of the established teams that come throughout the year. Send us your e-mail so we can contact you for more information.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like one of our representatives to contact you for more information and clearing any question(s) you may have, please share your e-mail with us so we can contact you to follow through.