March 31, 2020 by Melody Artz

I was a missionary in Guatemala from ‘81-‘87. During that time, my Memphis home church began supporting Pastor Luis and Dinora. In 2008, when my church began planning for an Impacto Short Term Team, I signed up immediately. I have been going every year since 2008 and also going in early December for the Zona Cero Youth Retreat and Christmas Parties. I love Guatemala, and I am so glad that God has allowed me to return so often.

I love speaking Spanish with the TucTuc drivers and asking if they know Jesus. I love making new friends and praying with them in their homes. I love getting to know all the Impacto workers and seeing them come to Jesus and begin to grow in their faith. I love all the Impacto ministries and deciding what we can pack in our suitcases to encourage them. I love speaking with the Happy Tummies moms and sharing with them wisdom from one mom to another. I love seeing Zona Cero kids during our summer trips in the different villages.

Three of my adult children and my husband have been to Guatemala with me and have loved their memories of their trips. Janie, my 26 year old, has returned to the Lord and has been on the last 2 trips. She is going again in December!

As a little girl, I thought God was calling me to Kenya as a missionary. When I graduated from college, I was trying to get to Kenya, However, God took me to Guatemala instead! And I am so glad that I obeyed!

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