Become an Intern

Come to Guatemala and share your professional gifts or spend time helping our different ministries and serve Guatemalan communities. Be part of our journey.

Impacto offers internships to individuals seeking to serve the Lord in Guatemala. With all our ministries and mission teams coming from the U.S. and Canada, we are always casting our nets for more help. Interns offer an added boost of support to the Impacto staff, the teams, and the individuals we serve. They’re able to serve alongside teams, learn about and take responsibility in the logistical/management side of ministry, gain a deeper appreciation and knowledge of Guatemalan culture, and grow in their walks with Christ.

Interns stay in the same location as our teams. In addition to participating directly in ministry, interns help with weekly team tasks such as collecting Impacto store money, giving out instructions about the facility, and double-checking the drinking water supply. While serving, interns are able to experience many different ministries. One week may be full of medical clinics and the next week might have basketball camps and construction. Interns fill in where needed and help things run smoothly. If an intern has a special talent or desire to do a specific project during their stay, we are more than happy to work with them on that as well.

Our prayer for all our interns is that they would grow in their relationship with God and gain a greater appreciation for missions and the Guatemalan culture. If you feel a tug on your heart to intern with us, we encourage you to pray about it and reach out.

Time frame options

We offer our interns different time frame options depending on their schedules and capability to stay and collaborate

Get to know our ministries

To know more about other activities, materials and ideas to get involved in while serving with us, please go over our different ministries to know in which projects Impacto is involved with and the different experiences and opportunities that it offers to you as an intern.

Have some ideas but would like to come with a team?

If you’re interested in working in a specific project but think you’ll work better in collaboration with a team, bring a team or join one to collaborate with our ministry.

Ready to intern?

If you’re ready to intern with Impacto, keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years of age and all intern prospects are required to go through our application process. If accepted, we would then work with the intern on dates and completing other necessary forms. Interns raise their own support in order to come serve with us.

Our interns work under the guidance of Impacto's Becca Gruwell, who also heads up Impacto's Internship Program and its application process. This is a fast-paced internship and can be challenging at times. Interns should consider this as they decide the amount of time they would like to dedicate toward serving with Impacto. Everyone works very hard here so the extra help and ministry with Impacto would be greatly appreciated.

Get inspired – interns sharing their story

Would you like to know more about other people’s thoughts about their past experiences in Guatemala? Read some of our past interns’ testimonies and experiences about serving in our ministry.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like Becca to contact you for more information and clear any question you may have about interning, please share your e-mail with us asking about intern information or e-mail Becca directly at: [email protected]