We ought always to thank God for you, brothers and sisters, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love all of you have for one another is increasing. 2 Thessalonians 1:3

January 2021 is already over!

Jan. 31, 2021 by Impacto

Finishing the first month of 2021 is a little surreal. Our staff is so grateful to God for allowing us to see this new year. Life is so full of uncertainties, and when you are living through a pandemic, you learn to value life a little differently. The last year …

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Prayers & Prayer Requests

Jan. 16, 2021 by Impacto

Oh my goodness! What a whirlwind! The first half of January has taken us for a ride. We knew we would have a lot going on, our calendars showed meetings, trips, and the start of different projects; but it’s one thing to see it on a calendar and another to …

2020 - What a Year!

Dec. 31, 2020 by Impacto

It is safe to say that as 2020 comes to an end our thoughts are, “what a year”! And what a year it was! 2020 was 100% unplanned. It was a year that taught us that flexibility is key. As staff, we had to be flexible as the pandemic evolved, …

Faces that say "Thank You!" - Baskets, Chickens, and more...

Dec. 15, 2020 by Impacto

December 2020 will be very different from years before and most likely, years after. Even though this Holiday Season will be different, one thing remains, our reason for celebrating. Jesus. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

So, we encourage you to look to Him …

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March 23, 2020 by Karna Wieck, Iowa
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